Creative Place Workshops

Brought to you by Creative Youth Opportunities… an organisation focused on Arts, Community, Creativity and Wellbeing!
Based in Seaham, and working across the North East our community based workshops, projects and events are popular with children, young people, families, adults… everyone!
We aim to bring creativity and art to people… to communities… to families. Making art and creativity accessible and relevant. We aim to use art as a vehicle to help people connect with place, to bring people together, to positively impact on wellbeing and to highlight and impact on important social issues.
We want art, culture and creativity to be part of the communities where we work and for people to feel better because of it.
Our Creative Place workshops are ‘pop-up’ workshops and they are the trading arm of our not-for-profit organisation… these classes, workshops and academies are set at affordable prices, making art and creativity accessible whilst providing our organisation with valuable income to enable us to continue our community based work.
Our Classes include: Creative Academy Teens and Creative Academy Juniors and Creative Academy Tots, Seasonal and Themed ‘get Creative’ Classes aimed at families, Art Classes and Craft masterclass aimed at teens and adults and quality crafting workshops aimed at children.
Our delivery team is made up of skilled, experienced and qualified artists, crafters, teachers and creative play leaders, all with full DBS checks in place. We carry out full risk assessments for all of our workshops and classes and are fully covered by insurance. We hand pick the venues we use for their accessibility, practicality and their suitability for creative activity.